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Discussion : Police step up investigation of child pornography users

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2008-09-17 18:02:04 - Yup
I know the guy. I always thought he was a little bizzare, but not a bad guy. For everyone saying he should be in jail, or questioning why he is running free or something, to my knowledge he is under some sort of probation/surveillance. Maybe they figured it's better to let a sick person try to fix their life rather than tossing him in jail, for all I know he's doing therapy or something.

'scuse me for sounding like I'm trying to defend his actions, I'm not. What he did was disgusting, but regardless of what or why he did it, the kid had some social problems anyway. I just hope he realized how bad he really messed up and tried to get on the right track.

2008-07-27 16:41:25 - ......
i also go to school with him, and as a fact i know that he trys to avoid going to events with children, and will leave if children do show up,

2008-06-16 16:45:29 - Anon
I went to school with him at Norwich University. I even interacted with him as I was sort of in charge of him in the Corps of Cadets. It was painfully obvious that he had many social and physcological problems. I guess even in the back of my mind I suspected something deranged like this. Redes needs to be under strict phyciatric care, as I think he was in the early stages of becoming a pedefile. I am also incredibly shocked that he does not appear in the national sex offender registry. He is a danger to small children anywhere he is.

The people in this chatroom who have glorified bashing him, should be ashamed. It was your ridicule that probably messed his head up, and helped make him the deranged person he is. He is not victim. But you are losers.

2008-05-26 00:37:09 -
I go to school with him. Every one of his friends has abandoned him after Googling his name. He doesn't know why, ahahaha.

He is no victim. He still goes to children's fairs and Sibling Days just to get a look at youngins.

2008-01-28 17:29:04 -
Yes, the crimes against innocent children who are to grow up and make our world grow are being preyed on and watched!!! Who in the right mind would want to have sexual intercourse with a child?! What possesses you to do or even think about doing such a horrible thing to our babies?! I've done research on the internet to try and find any pedophilia that may exist or any websites that may contain any sexual acts performed on or by children. At this age, children don't no better. That's why it is important to teach our children what can and can't be done or said on the internet. It is up to us to protect them. If we don't, who will?

2007-12-30 21:37:29 - anonymous
I go to school with Morgan. He is VERY strange and I am always uncomfortable when he is around. He has no sense of personal space. If I had never met this kid, I would not have missed out.

2007-12-20 00:28:49 - Anonymous
I was in JROTC with Morgan during high school. He was the biggest geek ever and a smart ass too. Nobody really like him because of his attitude. He was infamous for the Men in Black dance he performed at every dance. He was always very very weird. And sometimes he acted like he was in the real military. He took JROTC too seriously, a little psychotic even.

I was shocked to hear what happened. I mean, you never want to think bad about anyone. I think he is a very troubled young man and he should be in a psychiatric hospital being evaluated instead of being down at Rowan, probably still looking at pics he shouldn't be looking at. I am a mother of two now and the fact that he hasn't been punished at all, astounds me. I mean, some punishment is due!

2007-11-14 20:23:19 - concerned
I was wondering if anyone knows if morgan got convicted and what his sentence was, his probation or any thing else that he might have gotten?

2007-03-22 20:01:51 - ng
yeah i just heard about this. that kid was always a little creepy. i didnt hate him or anything. now i do. i think he's a sick bastard. i just thought he was a little wierd but he was an ok guy, or so i thought. i am shocked although not entirely surprised considering the underage girls i knew he dated. i just didnt think he was really like that.

2007-02-19 11:27:10 - King Piff
Morgan was always a strange fellow. I always thought he would be doing the molesting of young children, but to think that he was only watching is a shock. As a young lad in the Mills of Brown, he had always enjoyed dancing of the Men In Black origin. Who would have thought he would have rather danced with boys in black. I remember him, Keith Cole and others had always made efforts in the high school to lure the minds of young school girls into their bedrooms with candy offers and other strange products. I am shocked and awed... I never saw this coming. Love Peace and Nappiness.

2006-07-02 02:43:36 -
Hey, This goes out to Keith Cole, who used his response to point out he new Morgan since the sixth grade, "alwayz knew he was a bitch", and ends with calling him a "peice of shit". (sic). Hey Keith, you've certainly shown your maturity; a guy you didn't like since childhood gets busted, and you use it to get in a las "nya-nya" to feel superior. You have certainly proven your superiority to this shmoe. You have also proven you haven't progressed emotionally since childhood, nor has your spelling. "Alwayz"? "peice"? Go back to school, you vindictive little bitch, and grow up and become a man. Kicking a schmoe while he's down reveals more about you than him.

2005-09-03 23:43:53 -
In response to J,
Actually, I've never done anything that "if caught could throw me in jail for life." I also totally disagree. I think we have the right to judge others. Evil will not cease to exist if we curl up in a fetal position with our fingers in our ears.
I suppose I don't COMPLETELY disagree with you. I also believe in a fair trial, justice and whatnot. I was closely involved with the corps investigation that turned him over to the administration and ultimately the police. I personally saw the sick perverse and horrible material he had on his computer. I'm glad he will have a trial only because it will validate the FACT that he should be in jail for a long long time.
I don't suppose it would make a difference to you to know that after denying his actions he finally confessed?
How did we become a culture where we protect the criminal more than the victim? I can hear you now- there was no victim. WHAT ABOUT THE SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL THAT WAS RAPED TO MAKE A VIDEO FOR REDES'S PLEASURE? Where is your sympathy for her? Her entire life, irreparably damaged because of the perversions of child pornographers, just like Redes.
I hate to end a logical argument by being condensending, but J (why not email?) if human life is so priceless, why no tears for the little boys and girls? I saw the files on his computer. Young children- some younger than 5, yeah you heard me- 3 year olds. in this case justice should be swift vicious and punitive. Society doesn't have room for pedophiles, get the courage to protect all our children.

I do hope you read this J, and think about it.

2005-07-11 10:22:51 - J
Granted I see that most of you hated him, but since we are Americans, and we have this entity called the judicial system, that just so happens to be in place for this exact situation. He should have a fair trial, be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for the indicted charges, and given counsel by the state or provided for by himself.

Every one of you should think about this statement "he dies a very slow and painfull [painful] death in jail..." That is pitiful that you have so much rage in you that you cannot even let our own government work the way it is supposed to. If he is guilty, the judge/jury of his peers will find him as such.

No one else on this planet has the right to judge another, because I am sure every one of us has done enough illegal things that if we were caught every time, we all would be in jail for life. So get off your high-horse, let the founding fathers be proud of the legacy they have left behind, and learn how to spell. "Z" isn't a plural ending for any word, sorry to burst your bubble.

2005-04-24 22:10:15 - M
It is both sad and embarassig that Morgan was been invovled in such a heinous act. My thoughts go to his parents who have to burden such emotional damage that has and will leave more scars. I went to school with Morgan and tried my best to stick up for him when he was picked on. However, as human and imperfect that I am I too was mean to him sometimes as he had a way of getting under the skin. Trying to refrain from judgment, I knew that he had a problem, but never could have imagened child pornography. When I heard of this, I was shocked as most all that knew him where. Even though I personally know Morgan I do not feel sorry for him. He was well aware of his actions and the law and therefore should be held accountable. There is no excuse for his conduct. Individuals that particiapte in these sort of actions are sick and will eventually be brought to justice.

2005-04-02 22:30:19 -
Ive known morgan along with billy mackenzie since grade school. he was alwayz the little bitch.. i alwayz knew he would end up like this. some people dont show it but i knew it when we were back in 6th and 7th grade. so i cant say i didnt see this one comeing. so i hope that he dies a very slow and painfull death in jail...morgan you peice of shit

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