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Chinese hacker nabbed

Date: December 02, 2006

A Chinese computer hacker was arrested on suspicion of extorting 140,000 yuan from an alarmed husband after hacking into the man's computer with hacker software and finding some nude photos.

Li Jinhua, 39, manager of the Qingtian Technology Company in Ruijin City, east China's Jiangxi Province, "invaded" the computer of a Beijing citizen surnamed Chen and copied some nude photos of Chen's wife earlier this year.

Threatening to make public the nude photos of Chen's wife, Li extorted 140,000 yuan from Chen in March, according to Friday's Beijing News.

Chen sent 70,000 yuan to Li's appointed bank account on March 29. Li then asked repeatedly for the other 70,000 yuan. Chen, infuriated, overcame his embarrassment and reported the case to police, said the newspaper.
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