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Discussion : Opinion: Is cybercrime unstoppable?

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2005-05-08 21:31:12 -
u cannot stop hacking ..
the internet cannot exist without hacking
but sure u can have all kinds of meetings, bla bla bla as much as u like .. but hacking, cracking, .."cyber-crime" cannot be stopped, was anyone able to stop theft in "the real world" ?.. neah , not even god can do that it seems .. cheers

2005-04-20 20:54:43 -
i dont agree with your statement at the beg. of this article, "Gangsters continue to ge the best of police" not all computer hackers are gangsters, i think you need to think about that you are talking about, because to me it sounds like you are a stereotypical person catagorizing hackers as gangsters.

Total 2 comments
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